With all the ceremonies that I offer, it is my desire to make the process as simple as possible for you, while I ensure that any legal requirements are met.

Step 1

Please make contact with me via phone, text, facebook or email to check my availability for your ceremony. If I am available,  we will make a time to meet in person. If this is not possible, because you are overseas, for example, we can arrange a time a talk via skype or the like. This initial chat is obligation-free and is the opportunity for you to see whether I am the right  fit for your ceremony.

Step 2

If you are happy for me to be your celebrant, let us continue to chat about your ideas, your expectations and questions.  If you are getting married, I will explain the legal aspects of this ceremony.

Step 3

We will continue to communicate in whatever way suits you best as we plan your bespoke ceremony.  I will be available for one to two further meetings in person to discuss and finalise your ceremony.

Step 4

The Rehearsal. I  strongly recommend having a rehearsal of your ceremony to ensure that everyone is clear on the logistics of the day. If possible, this is best done at the ceremony venue.

Step 5

I will arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes before your ceremony to ensure that all is running smoothly. I will provide you with a keepsake copy of the ceremony we planned together.

Step 6

If you are getting married, I will return the Registrar’s copy of your Particulars of Marriage to the issuing Registry Office within 10 calendar days to ensure you both are legally married.


I normally charge between $550 – $800.  This price will be determined once we  have discussed the  requirements of your ceremony. There may be some additional costs like ferries, or additional travel and accommodation if your wedding is outside of Auckland or the Waikato area. I am very open to travelling anywhere within New Zealand to be your celebrant. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

When do I make payment?

I ask for a deposit of $200 7 days after our first meeting. Your deposit secures your wedding date.  The balance is due for payment on or before 7 days prior to your wedding. Invoices and receipts will be issued for your records.